Kids on Meds

Kids on Meds

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Kids on Meds is an up-to-date informational book about the most commonly prescribed psychiatric medication. See what people are saying below!


Kids on Meds Your Child in the Balance


"Kids on Meds is an important resource for professionals with a non-medical background...This book belongs on the shelf of all school mental health professionals. The science of psychopharmacology is demystified, and the book [is] clear, practical and up-to-date...[It] provides professionals with needed information to facilitate positive outcomes for children"

Marian C. Fish, PhD
Professor & Coordinator
School Psychology Program
Queens College, CUNY

[A] must-read that should become a part of every mental health practitioner’s reference library. Dr. Kalikow provides rich clinical insights...[C]omplex issues are addressed with extraordinary clarity, compassion and wit. It’s as if the reader is receiving a personal consultation with a leading expert in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry"

Arlene G. Adler, PhD
Chief, Pediatric Psychology
The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital
at Westchester Medical Center

This comprehensive, practical guide covers a plethora of relevant topics ranging from brain physiology and psychopharmacological principles to the nuts and bolts of determining the need for medication, prescribing medication for various conditions, and evaluating treatment outcome. Kalikow translates evidence-based information into everyday language that will suit the needs of a variety of audiences including prescribing physicians, psychologists, other mental health professionals, educators, and parents of children receiving treatment. This book serves a critical need in the fields of child psychiatry and psychopharmacology.

George J. DuPaul, PhD
Department of Education and Human Services
Lehigh University

Kids on Meds is a MUST as a reference tool for all practitioners working with children and adolescents. Kalikow is thorough and honest; his 'tell it like it is' approach provides detailed and crucial information to help us find our way in a complex and compelling field. I highly recommend this book.

Barbara George, MS LCSW
Social Worker, Ridgefield High School
Ridgefield, CT; Private Practice, Mt. Kisco, NY

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Getting Started

Chapter 2

What’s in a Name?

Chapter 3

The Brain

Chapter 4

The Life Cycle of a Medicine

Chapter 5

Deciding to Use a Medicine

Chapter 6

The Stimulants and Other Medicines for ADHD

Chapter 7

Antidepressant and Antianxiety Medicines

Chapter 8

Antipsychotic Medicines

Chapter 9

Mood Stabilizers

Chapter 10

Sleep Disorders and Medicines

Chapter 11

Pharmacotherapy of Miscellaneous Disorders and Conditions

Chapter 12

Alternative Medicines and Treatments

Chapter 13

Nonpsychiatric Medicines with Psychiatric Effects

Chapter 14

Talking with …

Chapter 15

Evaluating Risks and Benefits: Problems and Pitfalls

Chapter 16

Are Psychiatric Medicines Over- or Underprescribed?

Your Child in the Balance

Your Child in the Balance

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Kids on Meds

Kids on Meds Now Available!

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